Scientific Instruments Suppliers

Scientific instruments are just as diverse as it is very essential, as we all know that setting up a perfect experiment means ensuring that you have the right kit for the job to g on smoothly and successfully. As Vietnam’s leading scientific instrument supplier, we at ITS-VIETNAM have got you covered from top to toe, with a broad range of scientific instruments that will cover all your science needs. Within our stock you will find everything from solar simulators, bomb calorimeters, BOD & COD testers, elemental analyzers and nanoindenters with a wide range of different sizes and specifications to make your life a whole lot easier.


We stock our scientific instruments that will help get your laboratory in order, so to make it simpler to find what you need the next time you are preparing some materials to conduct an experiment. Our job as scientific instrument suppliers is to ensure that you always have access to premium quality, easy to use equipment.


One significant scientific instrument we supply is the Trace SN Cube. It is the world’s most sensitive combustion analyzer for nitrogen and sulfur in gasoline and related samples. With catalyst-supported digestion technology, there is no such thing as soot formation or insufficient recovery and this ensures complete combustion or digestion of all kinds of samples. By using this scientific instrument, there is no need for time-consuming boat inlet feeding as the sample is injected directly into the combustion tube. It only takes about 4 to 5 minutes to be analyzed.


We also supply a scientific instrument called the Density/Specific Gravity Meter which is mostly used to measure density or specific gravity of liquids and solutions. This scientific instrument is designed to measure small amounts of sample in a short time with very high precision. It is hassle-free and ensures safe measurement and any data can be transferred easily without having to consume a lot of time. The measurement cell is also easily checkable. We have specifically designed this scientific instrument so that it does not produce air bubbles or any contamination which will bring down the accuracy of the measurement.


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