Baking Ingredients Malaysia

Have you felt like baking pastry, or a cake but get very disappointed when you see the ingredients list because you do not have those baking ingredients at home? You then head to your local hypermarket only to find out the ingredients are not supplied there as well…. How off-putting. Fret no more. We at ITS-INTERCHEMICALS have you covered. You can purchase online without having to leave your very own home. We supply our baking ingredients to suit your needs, whether you are a household, an SME or a large scale industry. We are Malaysia’s leading baking ingredient supplier. We supply over 5 major brands of premium quality baking ingredients.  The international brands that we supply are: Euronut, Leiber, Iprona and Peanut Company of Australia.

Euronut produces one of the baking ingredients that is very difficult to find in Malaysia – pure hazelnut paste. We do not grow hazelnuts so it is very hard for us Malaysians when we need hazelnut paste as a baking ingredient. Euronut’s hazelnut paste is made from 100% pure hazelnuts and this can be used as a baking ingredient in cakes, desserts, waffles, and ice cream. This hazelnut paste can also be used to make a filling for pastries and buns. Euronut’s hazelnut paste makes an excellent baking ingredient for us Malaysians.

Leiber is a very reputable German brand which supplies a very important baking ingredient – yeast to foreign countries such as Malaysia. This yeast has a very long shelf life and it was specially designed for bread-making applications. Leiber’s yeast makes an excellent baking ingredient for Malaysians because it is easy to incorporate into the batter and it has notable stability in ambient temperatures.

Iprona produces baking ingredients like natural fruit powders in more than 20 flavours such as acai, apple, strawberry, blueberry, and etcetera. It makes a great baking ingredient because only half a teaspoon on the fruit powder is needed to transform the flavour and fragrant of your cake or dessert. The fruits undergo a unique process in iprona. They are dehydrated but their nutrients remain. This makes it an excellent baking ingredient in Malaysia because it is not just delicious and yummy, but also very beneficial for health.

If you are looking for high oleic peanut dice as a baking ingredient, we at ITS-INTERCHEMICALS have it. We get our peanuts supplied all the way from the Peanut Company of Australia.

PCA’s high oleic granulated peanuts are made by roasting the peanuts not too hot that it loses its nutrients, and then cutting to a size specification. Peanuts are one of the most common baking ingredients in Malaysia. Now you don’t have to worry anymore, for you have found us, Malaysia’s leading baking ingredient supplier!

You always see sodium bicarbonate (also known as the baking ingredient baking soda) but do you see ammonium bicarbonate in stores? It is extremely rare especially in Malaysia as they are no manufacturers for food save ammonium bicarbonate. However, we at ITS-INTERCHEMICALS are your perfect solution. So the next time a recipe calls for ammonium bicarbonate, you know you can come to us!

Green tea matcha has been a huge talk about its benefits to our health and well-being. Surprise surprise! We supply the very unique baking ingredient in Malaysia – green tea matcha powder! It is finely-ground and we only use handpicked premium quality green tea leaves.

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