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Drinking Water Treatment System

Water that goes through proper drinking water treatment systems are supposed to be very safe. However, some of these treated drinking water cal also be contaminated, causing illnesses and diseases from waterborne germs like E. coli, Giarda Intestinalis and Hepatitis A.

Drinking water sources require appropriate treatment to remove pathogens as it is subject to contamination. Public drinking water systems use a range of methods of water treatment to provide safe drinking water for their societies and communities. In the globalization era of today, the most common steps in drinking water treatment systems include:

  1. Flocculation & coagulation – this is the first and foremost step in the drinking water treatment system. Positively charged chemicals are added to the water. The positive charge of these chemicals neutralizes the negative charge od the dissolved particles in the water like dirt. And this brings about binding of the chemicals to form larger particles, called “floc”
  2. Sedimentation – during this process is when the “floc” settles to the bottom of the water supply due to its heavy weight. Sedimentation refers to the settling process where it creates sediments at the bottom.
  3. Filtration – the clear water on top will now pass through filters of varying composition as the “floc” has settled to the bottom. This is to remove dissolved particles like parasites, dusts, viruses and bacteria.
  4. Disinfection – a disinfectant such as chlorine is added to the water to kill remaining bacteria and parasites once the water has been filtered. This it to protect the water from germs and viruses when it is piped to residential and industrial areas.

Even though our government has set standards for public drinking water, many Malaysians use a home drinking water treatment unit to take extra precautions because a family member is especially sensitive or in other words, has a compromised immune system. Besides that, they also want to remove specific contaminants and to improve the taste and odour of their drinking water.

There are 2 kinds of household water treatment system which are the point of use and the point of entry drinking water treatment systems. Point of entry drinking water treatment systems are usually installed after installing the water meter. This drinking water treatment system can treat most of the water entering a residence. On the other hand, point of use systems treat water in large batches and deliver the water to a tap, like kitchen sink of bathroom sink. Here are 4 most common types of household drinking water treatment systems:

  1. Drinking water filtration systems – water filters are a device that removes impurities from water by means of a chemical or physical barrier or even biological processes.
  2. Water softeners – this is a device which does an efficient job in reducing the hardness of water. A water softener usually uses sodium (Na) or potassium (K) ions to replace magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca) ions that create the hardness. This is because sodium and potassium are more reactive so they can easily displace magnesium and calcium.
  3. Water distillation systems – water distillation is a process in which impure water is boiled and the steam is collected and condensed in a separate container, leaving all the solid contaminants behind as. This is the purest form of water; however, it does not contain any minerals at all.
  4.  Disinfection – disinfecting water can be a chemical or physical process in which pathogens are either denatured or killed entirely. Common chemical disinfectants that are used in drinking water treatment systems are chlorine and ozone. Physical disinfectants are heat, UV light and electronic rays.





Scientific Instruments Suppliers

Scientific instruments are just as diverse as it is very essential, as we all know that setting up a perfect experiment means ensuring that you have the right kit for the job to g on smoothly and successfully. As Vietnam’s leading scientific instrument supplier, we at ITS-VIETNAM have got you covered from top to toe, with a broad range of scientific instruments that will cover all your science needs. Within our stock you will find everything from solar simulators, bomb calorimeters, BOD & COD testers, elemental analyzers and nanoindenters with a wide range of different sizes and specifications to make your life a whole lot easier.


We stock our scientific instruments that will help get your laboratory in order, so to make it simpler to find what you need the next time you are preparing some materials to conduct an experiment. Our job as scientific instrument suppliers is to ensure that you always have access to premium quality, easy to use equipment.


One significant scientific instrument we supply is the Trace SN Cube. It is the world’s most sensitive combustion analyzer for nitrogen and sulfur in gasoline and related samples. With catalyst-supported digestion technology, there is no such thing as soot formation or insufficient recovery and this ensures complete combustion or digestion of all kinds of samples. By using this scientific instrument, there is no need for time-consuming boat inlet feeding as the sample is injected directly into the combustion tube. It only takes about 4 to 5 minutes to be analyzed.


We also supply a scientific instrument called the Density/Specific Gravity Meter which is mostly used to measure density or specific gravity of liquids and solutions. This scientific instrument is designed to measure small amounts of sample in a short time with very high precision. It is hassle-free and ensures safe measurement and any data can be transferred easily without having to consume a lot of time. The measurement cell is also easily checkable. We have specifically designed this scientific instrument so that it does not produce air bubbles or any contamination which will bring down the accuracy of the measurement.


Baking Ingredients Malaysia

Have you felt like baking pastry, or a cake but get very disappointed when you see the ingredients list because you do not have those baking ingredients at home? You then head to your local hypermarket only to find out the ingredients are not supplied there as well…. How off-putting. Fret no more. We at ITS-INTERCHEMICALS have you covered. You can purchase online without having to leave your very own home. We supply our baking ingredients to suit your needs, whether you are a household, an SME or a large scale industry. We are Malaysia’s leading baking ingredient supplier. We supply over 5 major brands of premium quality baking ingredients.  The international brands that we supply are: Euronut, Leiber, Iprona and Peanut Company of Australia.

Euronut produces one of the baking ingredients that is very difficult to find in Malaysia – pure hazelnut paste. We do not grow hazelnuts so it is very hard for us Malaysians when we need hazelnut paste as a baking ingredient. Euronut’s hazelnut paste is made from 100% pure hazelnuts and this can be used as a baking ingredient in cakes, desserts, waffles, and ice cream. This hazelnut paste can also be used to make a filling for pastries and buns. Euronut’s hazelnut paste makes an excellent baking ingredient for us Malaysians.

Leiber is a very reputable German brand which supplies a very important baking ingredient – yeast to foreign countries such as Malaysia. This yeast has a very long shelf life and it was specially designed for bread-making applications. Leiber’s yeast makes an excellent baking ingredient for Malaysians because it is easy to incorporate into the batter and it has notable stability in ambient temperatures.

Iprona produces baking ingredients like natural fruit powders in more than 20 flavours such as acai, apple, strawberry, blueberry, and etcetera. It makes a great baking ingredient because only half a teaspoon on the fruit powder is needed to transform the flavour and fragrant of your cake or dessert. The fruits undergo a unique process in iprona. They are dehydrated but their nutrients remain. This makes it an excellent baking ingredient in Malaysia because it is not just delicious and yummy, but also very beneficial for health.

If you are looking for high oleic peanut dice as a baking ingredient, we at ITS-INTERCHEMICALS have it. We get our peanuts supplied all the way from the Peanut Company of Australia.

PCA’s high oleic granulated peanuts are made by roasting the peanuts not too hot that it loses its nutrients, and then cutting to a size specification. Peanuts are one of the most common baking ingredients in Malaysia. Now you don’t have to worry anymore, for you have found us, Malaysia’s leading baking ingredient supplier!

You always see sodium bicarbonate (also known as the baking ingredient baking soda) but do you see ammonium bicarbonate in stores? It is extremely rare especially in Malaysia as they are no manufacturers for food save ammonium bicarbonate. However, we at ITS-INTERCHEMICALS are your perfect solution. So the next time a recipe calls for ammonium bicarbonate, you know you can come to us!

Green tea matcha has been a huge talk about its benefits to our health and well-being. Surprise surprise! We supply the very unique baking ingredient in Malaysia – green tea matcha powder! It is finely-ground and we only use handpicked premium quality green tea leaves.

Singaporean Favourite Ice Cream Flavours

Stop lingering in the past and start savouring great flavours today! Remember the days when ice cream was made from real dairy cream and tasted incredibly rich and creamy? Mingo ice cream has been made from fresh pasteurized Mingo SoFresh milk since 2009. The premium quality milk is mixed with double cream and carefully picked natural ingredients to produce a smooth, rich taste sensation.

Mingo ice cream is passionate in diversifying and creating multitudes in our ice cream flavours. We have put in an exquisite amount of effort into enhancing classic flavours such as chocolate and vanilla; as well as more exclusive ice cream flavours like taro and sweet corn. We work hard to find the perfect measurements for each ingredient, making sure it is flawless because we believe our customers deserve nothing less than that. Here are our 4 most famous flavours in Singapore:


Indulge in our premium quality Mingo Ice Cream in Chocolate flavour, made by blending our smooth, rich milk ice cream with Mingo’s uniquely luxurious chocolate made with aromatic cocoa beans. Pure decadence.


Indulge in one of Mingo’s most fabulous flavours, made with real Bourbon vanilla extract for a complex and rich taste which doesn’t require any artificial flavouring. This is simplicity at its best.


Indulge in an ice cream that is made from real extra virgin coconuts – a creamy, light and refreshing tropical experience. A taste so similar to the real fruit, you would not be able to tell the difference! An elegant, deep, confidently simple ice cream… for your real pleasure only.


Indulge in Mingo’s Mango ice cream, a captivating blend of the sweet juice and delicious flesh of Thai mangoes combined to create a smooth, luscious puree for an exotic and indulgent flavour. This is without a doubt, the ultimate treat.

Oasis – The Popsicle that Will Make Your Day Pop!

Besides rich and classy ice creams, Mingo came up with popsicles called Oasis. Oasis comes in super handy for the year-round Singaporean heat no matter what age. It comes in 4 unique flavours; namely Nomyen – a Thai favourite that has now become a Singaporean favourite, Orange, Cola and Lemon. Oasis is better at quenching your thirst than anything else on a scorching hot day in Singapore.

Impact – The Ice Cream that Will Truly Leave an Impact!

Mingo also has something especially for the true pleasure seekers of Singapore. We present to you our ultimate indulgence – Impact. Impact comes in two flavours, vanilla and mocha. Vanilla is hands down the timeless classic, its velvety smooth ice cream covered in milk chocolate and peanut chunks…. Ah, irresistible! Our sumptuous mocha ice cream dipped in cracking milk chocolate made from our highest quality cocoa, covered in roasted peanut pieces is also extremely popular among Singaporeans.

Fruttega – Ice Lolly Made With Real Fruit and 0% Fat!

Fruttega is another proud product of Mingo. It is made with real fruit, no preservatives and has 0% fat content. It comes in 3 flavours; lychee, summer berries and passion fruit.

Lychee, an aromatic tropical fruit with sweet nectar inside, creates a rich ice lolly that’s surprisingly bright. Each luscious bite will hit you like a wave of intense tropical flavour.

Savour this refreshing ice lolly in summer berries flavour, bursting with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries with raspberry sauce combined with luscious cream. Berry berry nice!

The tropical flavours packed into Fruttega’s passion fruit popsicle is a deliciously cool and colourful way to paint our Singaporean sunny lives with. Bring on the sunshine!

Remember the 50 cent ice creams we used to buy from the “anneh’’ who rides a motorcycle around the village? Mingo recreated our childhood favourite with a new name – Fruitesia. It is undeniably difficult to resist the tropical, authentic flavours of the East, with a signature creamy, coconut base. Nostalgic, Singaporean favourites that come in Blackbean, Taro and Tropicana. You will never stop craving for this!

Rokka – The Cone Ice Cream that Keeps Your Day Rocking!

Enough of ice creams and ice lollies that come in sticks, Mingo caters everyone of different personalities. Rokka comes in strawberry, vanilla as well as chocolate flavours.

The delicious and creamy ice cream, wrapped in a crispy wafer cone, topped with rich chocolate sauce and roasted peanut pieces, finished with a signature chocolate filled tip that will leave a satisfied charming smile on your face from the moment you open up the wrapper till you finish your Rokka.

To explore more of our flavours and ranges, visit http://www.mingoicecream.com.sg/ now!